Hack Michiana is a Code for America brigade and an opportunity for individuals to be engaged citizens, take an active role in our community, connect with others, and learn new skills. We need a diverse group of individuals coming from all skillsets and backgrounds who are willing to collaborate with others to create, build, and invent to address community-wide issues. Join us to hack for change and help reboot citizenship!

Code of Conduct

Hack Michiana Seminar Series

The Hack Michiana Seminar Series is a sequence of workshops aimed at anyone who would like to learn how to use modern tools such as Amazon Web Services, Docker, Git/GitHub, Python frameworks, and so on in order to contribute effectively to software projects in their communities.

These are the tools Hack Michiana uses in our day-to-day projects and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to work with these tools, whether they are students, engineers, designers, civil servants, or anything else. Join us!

Calendar of Events

Regular Meetings

Second Thursday of each month @ 5:30pm

Location: Hack Michiana is currently meeting on Google Hangouts. Links are being shared on our Slack, which you can request to join by contacting one of our organizers whose contact information is listed below. See our Meetup page for the latest updates on our upcoming events.


Who can participate in Hack Michiana? - Anyone who has a passion for doing meaningful work in their community and is willing to contribute is welcome.

How can I, my company, my non-profit, or my city government help? We're looking for help in the following areas:
1. Contribute data, code, or a challenge.
2. Support Hack Michiana by contributing resources or funding.
3. Promote Hack Michiana and encourage subject matter experts, employees, and citizens to participate.
4. Partner with Hack Michiana on a project or initiative
5. Attend Hack Michiana!

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